• No vandalization of any pages. This will result in an instant block.
  • Do not disrespect admins in anyway.
  • If your series contains swear words or high sexual content, be sure to add the R rating on your Series' Page.
  • No sockpuppeting. This will result in an infinite block of the sock, and your main account will have an extended block.
  • Mild language in messages on message walls is allowed, but please keep it PG.
    • ​Failure to do so will first result in a warning, then a ban from chat, then a block.
  • ​If Admins forbid you from doing something, don't do it.

Chat rulesEdit

  • No spamming, cussing/cursing,(See Blacklist)harassing of any kind (You can say damn, crap, and hell every once in a while but constant use will result in a warn)
  • No linking to any pictures or video's with any Pornagraphic material
  • You can link to pictures and comics with cussing, as long as you give a warning BEFORE linking the picture.
  • Below shows you the way you can get banned:

1. First offence: Warning

2. Second offence: Kick and warning.

3. Third Offence: Kick

4. Fourth Offence: Ban/Block

  • No attacking, harassing (Sexting/Sexually harassing, Cyber Bullying,and insults), Heavy Sexual conversations,or advertising (Ex: a different wiki), this will immediately lead to a kick.
  • If you are PM'ing (AKA Private Messaging) someone and they allow you to curse, then it is allowed. But if they are not, you cannot do it.
  • No porn or clop
  • Sockpuppets will be immediately banned especially if the user has already been banned.
  • Debates are allowed, but however if they turn into arguments everyone participating will be warned, anyone else who continues will be kicked.
  • Mods must kick or ban users who are misbehaving even if they are close friends, if they refuse, they should reconsider being a mod or admin

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