This is a list of Wander Over Yonder fan episodes. It will have multiple lists in multiple sections, usually just depending on many different user's series/episodes/headcanons.

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Bill Cipher: RegularEdit

These episodes continue the flow of the regular canon series.

List of Episodes
Title Season Episode Production Code Writer Special
The Bet 2a 1 201a Bill Cipher No
Lord Hater takes over Wander's home and the only way for Wander to get it back is to win a bet with Lord Hater.
The Sleigh 3 9a 309a Bill Cipher Yes
Wander finds out that Santa has been captured by Lord Hater and must deliver presents to the kids in his place, only for Lord Hater and Peepers to try and stop them.
The Party, Part 1 1 25 125 Bill Cipher Yes
Part 1. Wander is adopted by a foster home when he travels to Earth, and has a party while his parents are gone, only to realize that Lord Hater has taken over the galaxy while they were out of the way.
The Party, Part 2 1 26 126 Bill Cipher Yes
Part 2. Wander is adopted by a foster home when he travels to Earth, and has a party while his parents are gone, only to realize that Lord Hater has taken over the galaxy while they were out of the way.
The Injury 2 22b 222b Bill Cipher No
Wander is unsure of what to do when he gets horribly injured, and neither is Sylvia when Lord Hater has gotten even sneakier than before.
The Backstory 2 26b 226b Bill Cipher Yes
Learn a few origins from the show: what happened when Wander got Sylvia? What does Lord Hater want to take over the universe? And a lot more!
The Mess 3 1 301a Bill Cipher No
Lord Hater's new Captain Tim has destroyed his ship, leading him to have to put the pet up for adoption, but when no one wants to take him, Lord Hater must put up with his pet.
The Bubbles 3 16a 316a Bill Cipher No
Wander's bubble blower goes missing, preventing him from travelling the galaxy.
The Plasma Jail 1 24b 124b Bill Cipher No
Stuck on a purple and black planet of plasma, trapped in chains, about to go into the plasma and die, Wander remembers how they even got there.
The Small Planet 3 16b 316b Bill Cipher No
Wander finds a tiny planet, and finds out why it is so small: a potion was poured on it. Wander accidentally pours the potion on himself and is soon lost on the planet that is now too big for him.
The UFO 2 1b 201b Bill Cipher No
Wander finds a missing UFO and after taking it until someone else claims it, a bunch of aliens begin attempting to attack them.
The Time Traveler 1 24a 124a Bill Cipher No
Wander gets a trip to the past from Trudie Traveler.
The Fossil 2 22a 222a Bill Cipher No
Wander finds a dinosaur bone, and tries to find its owner, as Sylvia continously tries to tell him they are extinct.
The End 3 26 326 Bill Cipher Yes
Wander is over his head attempting to tell Sylvia that his parents are moving to a new galaxy, and possibly won't see her anymore.
The Cross Special Special Special Bill Cipher Yes
Due to a fatal accident, Mac, Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) have ended up over yonder due to Lord Hater's machine, and Wander must find a way to get them back to their universes. With a super hidden cameo by Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).
The Race 3 1b 301b Bill Cipher No
Sylvia is challenged to a race with zborank Lilia and must practice as hard as she can, while Wander is racing himself to get groceries before the store closes.

Gold2232's EpisodesEdit

The Turkey

The Spy

The Search

The House

The Race

IvyLover's EpisodesEdit

The Birthday

Cookiefoxgirl13's Episodes Edit

The Love

The Sister

The Switch

The Beginning

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